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Alignment - Tube and dropout replacement - Brazons

This archive spans from 2006 to the present and contains many of the bikes that came out of the Frances Workshop during that time.



Fully equipped to randonneur or tour, the tourist is at home on the road or dirt and gravel.  Geometry and tube-set customized for fit and rider's intended use.    The Tourist is the bike I want to ride on all occasions.

Standard includes a small front rack/bag support, light mount, light wire guides, brazons for 3 bottles, rear rack mounts, front low-rider rack mounts, fender mounts and cantilever brake mounts.  Rear rack and many other options available - see the pricelist.

Available for wheel sizes (with fenders):  26" (up to 2.125),  650b (up to 50mm wide) or 700c (up to 42mm wide)


The go-to cargo hauler for everyday use,  the Mixtehaul provides a large, open cargo space set low, in front of the rider.  Waxed canvas bag and rainfly snap into the platform.  The Mixtehaul is quick & fun to ride, and like all Frances machines, it comes equipped:  bag, rainfly, lighting, fenders, rear rack mounts, center-stand and much more.   

Testimonials from riders:

"This bike takes care of 99% of my transport needs :-). . . Many, many thanks for such an excellent steed." ~ Kathrine, Mixtehaul rider


The Smallhaul is the sportster of cargo hauling and the key to touring with a dog or just a lot of stuff- all placed low and right in front, within reach.  

Praise for the Smallhaul:

“[The Smallhaul] offers an appealing combination of cargo capacity with a fun, fast ride.  . . . Perhaps every family should have one?" ~Jan Heine, The Bicycle Quarterly
"I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the craftsmanship in the bike. Such great attention to detail in the frame and fork and design of the bike overall . . . I was also amazed at how light it was and how well it handled (I took it for a long test ride!) what a wonderful machine.”   ~ Robert Lester, Mechanic, Velocity Cycles, Edmonton, Alberta Canada.
"Dad, Let's go for a ride on that cargo Bike!"  ~ Mark Vand Kamp's daughter, the Bicycle Quarterly
"The Smallhaul . . .is probably the lightest and most nimble cargo bike we've seen"  ~ COG Magazine


This is the mid-gravity design.  A beefy front platform on a quick, light frameset.  


Frances stems are generally built to order, but there may be some here- check the store to see what's in stock.


There are a lot of broken bicycles out there.  When a steel frame breaks, it can often be repaired again- We take all kinds of bikes and repairs.  Tubes can be replaced, gussets and reinforcements can be added and bends can be straightened- frames can be restored.  The same goes for modifications.  Many great bikes are just a few brazons away from realizing their full potential: rack mounts, brake mounts, cable routing, etc.


Here are some choice photos of me, Josh Muir,  posing with bicycles I have built and ridden.