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Cosmic First Friday!

We're all invited to Cosmic for First Friday!

In addition to Tacos from the Back Porch (It's what I eat for breakfast at the West Side Market whilst selling vegetables for Route One on Saturday mornings) and beer from Corralitos Brewing, some great local entrepreneurs and builders will be showing their wares and exposing some of the process that goes into their craft.

Since they're serving food, thay want to know how many are coming- sign up at eventbright - it's free.

Cosmic is Downtown at the Corner of Front and Cooper.

John Calletti builds what I think are some of the hottest titanium racing bikes I have ever seen.  His skill are reflected in his beautiful and seemingly perfectly executed bicycles. Caletti Cycles 

Lauren Junker takes cycling's worn-out cast-offs and repurposes supple road tires and inner-tubes into a line of bags, wallets and crafts.  Totally Tubular!

Garrett Kautz designs and works with  waxed canvas and leather to create a wide array of bags and crafts.  His work is top-notch and I love him.  Great socks too!  I appreciate his commitment to custom bag work for cargo bikes as I know it's time-consuming. . . Strawfoot Handmade

I'll be there!  I'll have the latest drawings for the Mixtehauls (which are close to heading to paint!), some parts in process and a selection of tools as well as a couple frames and my warm personality.