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Alignment - Tube and dropout replacement - Brazons

Class is out; I'm back in the shop!

CCA Summer session wrapped up with 6 frames and even a fork.  The bikes are all different sorts: 26", 700C, 650B and all with different style dropouts (hoods, slots, plugs, sleeves, rockers, sliders. . .), lugged frames, fillet-brazed frames. . . Here we are at about 10:30pm wrapping up our last session:

CCA summer 2015

There are a bunch more photos of the students and their bikes and photos of the process HERE.

I'm back in the shop and the 1/2 of the True Temper tubes that I ordered 10 months ago finally arrived

True Temper makes great steel tubing and they're the only ones doing it in the US (as far as I can tell), but the organization is a mess to deal with.  Straight gauge orders can be made, but you will never receive a quote or ship-date.  I ordered tubes last year to be ready for classes and cargo bike-building- I ordered tubes that were in stock so that it would ship quickly.  I ordered about 500' and received only 200'.  Fortunately, it's enough to keep me going, but the situation leaves us builders wondering, is there a better way?

The tubes I had been waiting on are 1 1/8" x .035, and here is some of that shipment assembled as Mixtehaul floors- the next batch is well underway!

cargo bike floors

or more process photos of those floors coming together, check out my flick stream HERE. (which of course also incled photos of Greta the kiddo and everything else I am motivated to photograph.)