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River Ghosts

Ann Altstatt conceptualized and designed the art installation along the San Lorenzo River ("The mighty San Lorenzo!" as we like to say).  I was the enabler (made some calculations, cut and welded some metal).  Alan Ziegler ran the plasma CNC cutter (which he built himself).

The Trees are inspired by an old wind-row that protected the one of the many orchards in the flood plain.  this is before the levees that came after the '55 flood when shore lines were extensions of yards and orchards.  The spectators are from a Venitian Water Carnival of the past.  

The installation is temporary although we don't have any idea for how long.  When it comes time to dig them up, we're hoping to sell them to good homes to recoup our costs.  If you want one, please get in touch.  

Click here for more images on flick.


For now, they're out on the Levee so go check them out!  The San Lorenzo River is a treasure and likely the reason for the Town.  I live in the flood plain and its water once ran over this spot (and not just in the '55 flood, but for years on end when the river could choose it's own path and high tides and shoals created broad sloughs throughout the south of laurel (SOL) neighborhoods and Flats.

If we'd gotten to placing text at the installation it might have said:

"Once there were tall trees and bears in the river"

Row bost

 There is change a foot with regard to how our town percieves the river.  We're starting to see a few boats on the water again.

In addition, the Powers that be ( I think in this case that's State Fish and Wildlife) are apparently finally regulating the Seaside company's ability to to breach the river mouth in the middle of the night whenever they feel the need.  This really just means that the breaching now is controlled and river water is kept at a "reasonable" shoaled level that protects the diesel generators  etc in the Boardwalk basement.   Maybe some time before we see bears, but the San Lo is our town's wildlife corridor and there is a vibrant ecology out there.

As far as how this relates to bikes, you will see in the collection of photos on flickr that we managed to move everything (a lot of 1/4 plate steel, steel poles, 15 60lb sacks of concrete (900 lbs) and a bunch of tools etc.) on a couple tricycles.  The new Trishaw built at CCA got most of it when Ann and Kyle fetched the concrete (they did say it was a bit much).

Ann and Kyle return with burritos and cement.

Very many thanks to Ann for the inspiration and all the hard work!